If someone gives you a choice between washing the dishes and having sex with your husband, which would you choose?

If you said wash the dishes, then you're missing something.

For whatever reason as women we tend to put sex in marriage on the back burner of our lives. We often get into the Dating.com habit of making excuses for why we won't have sex.

And the irony of this is that while we often don't prioritize sex in marriage, our husbands are hungry, even desperate to have sex with us!

I have asked God and myself for years, "Why am I so different from my husband?"

and "Why do men want to have sex so much?"

The only answer I have is that this is Eharmony.com review how God made them.

And my suggestion is that if you want your marriage to work and last, you've got to make sex a priority as well.

But how can you make sex a priority when you don't enjoy it or when you don't want to do it at all?

For one, make sure that you understand what sex really does for your marriage. It's not just for the purpose of getting an orgasm, although that's a great benefit. But having sex is a form of communication Lovinga and it helps you to establish a strong emotional and intimate bond with your husband.

You may ask, "We can talk to get that type of bond... "

For you as a woman, yes.

But for men, their emotions and their accomplishments are often tied to sex. Again, I can't fully explain why. But I want you to consider what could happen if you don't prioritize sex. And if you continue to dismiss sex then your husband will stop making you a priority.

Consider the following statements and questions:

  • Ask yourself why sex is not important to you.
  • Was it important to you at one time in your married life?
  • If so, what changed?
  • Was it children, disappointment, anger, work, etc.?

You need some time to think about these things. And then make some minor adjustments.

For instance, if you do have a choice between your husband and the dishes, let the dishes go or delegate them to one of your kids. Consider how you can readjust your schedule to make sex a priority and if necessary, set a schedule for sex. And stick to that schedule.

Whatever you do, make sex a major part of your marriage, because if you don't your husband will make something or someone else a priority instead of you!